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I’ve got a new eBook available for 2012 brides! Wedding on a Budget is a condensed version of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot. Formatted in 120 easy-breezy tips, these ideas will help you trim costs on your wedding and inspire you with tons of creative ideas. I’ve added about 35% new content and included 10 DIY Projects at the end! I think you’ll love it. This is available through Amazon as a digital download, and if you’re a Prime member, it’s your lucky day, it’s free!

Update: Wedding on a Budget is now an Amazon Bestseller in the Weddings category!

Please download and take a second to let me know what you think in the reviews. Your involvement will make-or-break its success on Amazon. Thank you so much in advance!

Wedding on a Budget by Cara Davis

120 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs Without Cutting Style

Wedding costs average around $23,000 these days, according to The Wedding Report, but if you’re like me, $23k is barely what I’d consider paying for a car, much less my wedding day. It’s not that it’s not important; it’s that there are better, more creative and cost-efficient ways to pull it off. That’s what this collection of tips is all about. The 120 ideas are culled from expert sources, real brides and personal experience. You can save money on your wedding, and it can still be one of the most beautiful, memorable and fulfilling days of your life.

Happy Planning!
Cara Davis

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About the Author

cara davisCara Davis (@carandavis), 33, is the author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot. She planned her dream wedding in seven months for less than $5,000 in November 2003. She lives in Orlando, Fla., with her husband and daughter (another one due in May 2012!). Born and raised in Nashville, Tenn., Cara graduated from Belmont University with a degree in journalism, was part of the launch team for RELEVANT and Radiant magazines and is currently the editor of and

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Big Ten
  3. 8 Ways to Make Your Day Unique
  4. 5 Ways to Score Seasonal Savings
  5. 33 Tips from Real Brides & Grooms
  6. 8 Things to Know about Wedding Cash & Coupons
  7. 10 Affordable Styles for Your Wedding Day
  8. 14 Ways to Save with Wedding Vendors
  9. 12 Ways to Dress up the Reception Site
  10. 10. 5 Ways to Save a Little Dough on Food
  11. 11. 5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding
  12. 12. 10 DIY Projects & Free Printables