Cheap Tips for Hollywood-Inspired Wedding Themes

I’m a sucker for a well-executed wedding theme. Since a wedding is a pivotal part in the stories of our lives, it makes sense that we’re drawn to epic narratives to illustrate our own. Hollywood & literature gives ample inspiration for the look & feel of these recently popular wedding themes & engagement shoots from and

Downton Abbey

This popular PBS series centers on this wedding inspiration shoot from Blue Dahlia Events. It’s inspired a host of other industries, including tea rooms which offered a Downton-inspired tea to celebrate the start of the new season Jan. 6.

Cheap Tips

  1. Shop vintage stores for the dress
  2. Shop for all-inclusive wedding packages at historical mansions, manors & B&Bs

The Great Gatsby

I know I’m not the only one looking forward to the upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name. It releases May 10 (5 days after my birthday) and is directed by Baz Luhrmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I bet we’ll see a lot of Gatsby-inspired looks at weddings this coming year, and for good cause. The art deco theme oozes with luxury, glam, vintage and character, like this St. Louis wedding:

Cheap Tips

  1. Pick a recurring element & use throughout the wedding & reception decor: like strings of faux pearls, which are cheap to buy
  2. Make strategic use of art deco graphic elements (like the above poster) and create yourself to save

Mad Men

Midcentury modern weddings always remind me of the weddings of our parents, which is holds the ultimate romantic nostalgia for this generation. This inspiration shoot combines that with the magic of New Year’s Eve – a great idea for anyone planning a wedding later this year.

Cheap Tips

  1. Marry at the court-house for a fitting 50s theme.
  2. Shop vintage stores for the dress & fur wrap

Moonrise Kingdom

I loved Wes Anderson’s recent film Moonrise Kingdom. It’s dark & quirky but sweet & hopeful. I kept thinking something super horrible was going to happen but it didn’t. I love the the woodsy, campy vintage scout look and think it’s a great wedding theme for outdoor weddings this fall. Think Peter Pan collars, vintage books, fur hats and branch arrangements. Check out this “elopement” inspiration shoot:

Planning a Moonrise Kingdom Wedding
Moonrise Kingdom: Raccoon Patch Tutorial (Wedding favor idea)

Cheap Tips

  1. Marry at a pubic park – for free!
  2. Ask to borrow antique and vintage finds from friends or from local shops
  3. Incorporate wood in the decor & furniture, as well as stacked vintage books for centerpieces.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a bit trippy to me, but I can see how it’s feminine whimsy provides plenty of wedding-day inspiration. Think muted jewel tones, vintage tea pieces, vintage literary books, playing cards & an outdoor setting like those that are featured in these inspiration shoots:

Cheap Tips

  • Marry outside – it’s usually free!
  • Use tulle throughout as an inexpensive material
  • Collect or borrow vintage teacups and serving materials – use as decor and/or to serve with
  • String playing cards from branches overhead to create a whimsical setting

Five more Hollywood & Literature-Inspired Wedding Shoots: