Fun, Cheap Backdrop for Parties & Photos

Make your party or event just an extra bit special by installing one of these inexpensive DIY backdrops:

1. Use a Sheet

Just grab your favorite sheet! If you’re in a pinch or on a tight budget, sometimes a sheet is all you need for the perfect backdrop! It’s simple, clean and you already have it!


2. Use Ribbons

Ribbons aren’t just for little girls anymore. They make an excellent backdrop for any picture and you can easily arrange them to fit any occasion or color scheme. Doing a fancy wedding? Think mixing shades of the signature colors and using fabrics like satin and lace. Looking for something a little funky? Try mixing up all of the colors of the rainbow. Try this tutorial and make your own.

Oh Lovely Day DIY Ribbons

DIY Ribbon + Lace Tutorial ]

3. Dress Up a Pallet

Recycled pallets are all the rage right now so why not use one as a backdrop? Stand one or two pallets up against a wall or secure them with a brace on the floor, but however you do it you can customize to your heart’s content. Whether you use flowers or stretch a banner across the top like this, it’s going to look awesome in your pictures.

Donne-Moi Ta Main: The Rural Wedding

[ Donne-Moi Ta Main: The Rural Wedding ]

4. Use Plates and Other Paper Products

Paper products available at any dollar store, party supply store, or sometimes even your local Target are often cuter than any prefabricated backdrop you might find. Try something like the for a 3D look. Click here for more on this look.

paper fan photo backdrop

diy: make a paper fan photo backdrop ]

5. Use Nature!

Don’t underestimate the world around you for the perfect backdrop! If you want to make your pictures extra special, consider creating a DIY Polaroid frame to focus the scene or even using some vintage picture frames to make your pictures pop.