A Thanksgiving Prayer for Kids

I was flipping through a Berenstain Bears’ anthology with my kids the other night. In one of the stories toward the end, there’s a beautiful and simple Thanksgiving prayer. I took a screenshot of it so I could remember it.

I made up a little graphic for it and plan to frame it for the Thanksgiving dinner table and to have the kids recite it. I thought you might enjoy it too!

I love the phrase “beauties of the earth” : )

Feel free to share this prayer, and I hope your kids read it this Thanksgiving and many more to come!

A Thanksgiving Prayer for Kids

Dear Lord,

We give thanks for all your blessings–for this great feast that you have provided, for the warm homes that give us shelter, for the love of our family that surrounds us today, and for the beauties of the earth that you in your great love and wisdom have created. Amen.

–From The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks

thanksgiving prayer for kids

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