9 Cheap Wedding Venues in Savannah, GA

The following are 9 cheap wedding venues in Savannah, GA. Whether you’re looking for informal weddings near the beach or a historical backdrop or country farm, affordable wedding venues abound. Savannah is one of my favorite Southern cities to visit. When I lived in Orlando, it was a short 4-hour drive. I love the beaches, the … Read more

Free Nashville Events Calendar


Want to know what’s happening in Nashville this weekend? Know someone who’s recently moved to Nashville? Whether you’re looking for a last-minute date night idea or pre-planning a family vacation, this resource has everything you need for fun-filled weekends and insider tips on deals throughout the year. Always meaning to tour the Hermitage? Why not wait until … Read more

Stressed Out? Find a Spouse Who’s Your Best Friend, Economists Say

Economists John Helliwell of the Vancouver School of Economics and Shawn Grover of the Canadian Department of Finance say marriage is most beneficial when times get tough. “Being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who remain single – particularly during the most stressful periods, like midlife crises,”The New York … Read more

$5 Monday: Download a CD to Help Mike Cowart’s Kids

@elizabethesther tweeted this morning: “The best antidote I’ve found for scattering Monday blues: loving service for others.” In this new weekly series I’m starting called $5 Mondays, I’m highlighting a very recent tragedy and a very tangible way you can help (and get a little something in return). A good friend of mine whom I’ve … Read more