10 Favorite Aldi Products I LOVE (and a Few I Don’t)


I’ve been shopping at Aldi the past few years. Here are 10 favorite Aldi products I LOVE, and a few I don’t. I remember when Aldi was built in our little suburb. I never visited — content to continue shopping at the Albertson’s or Kroger’s nearby. I kept hearing about it but it wasn’t until … Read more

5 Cheap Ways to Take in a Little Culture with Kids


No matter the age of your kids, giving them to cultural experience helps expand their world. The following are 5 ways to take in a little culture with your kids. Giving your children opportunities to expand their background knowledge will help them in the classroom, too. Kids with more and varied experiences will have more to draw … Read more

5 Non-Annoying Ways to Craft with Your Kids


Looking for ways to spend quality time with your kids but hate crafting? Or do you want find ways to engage your kid with technology without them spacing out in front of a screen? Below are 5 activities that will help you create memories without the mess of traditional crafts and without the isolation of … Read more

A Thanksgiving Prayer for Kids


I was flipping through a Berenstain Bears’ anthology with my kids the other night. In one of the stories toward the end, there’s a beautiful and simple Thanksgiving prayer. I took a screenshot of it so I could remember it. I made up a little graphic for it and plan to frame it for the Thanksgiving dinner table and to … Read more

6 Parenting Approaches for the Free-Spirited Child


I wish I had taken a picture of my daughter Sunday. She’s 9. She was wearing a long mint green maxi dress with spaghetti straps and an elastic waist. She looked like a Greek goddess. She’s magnificent. She’s a true free-spirited child. She has all the characteristics of a free-wheeling, creative, loving bohemian artist. And she … Read more

12 Top Free Nashville Festivals for Young Families


Nashville is such a great place to raise a young family, and there’s always something to do. When the weather’s nice, you’ll find a plethora of free festivals to check out. Since these are free, plan to spend a morning or afternoon there, so little ones don’t melt down at nap-time. Here are some of … Read more

66 Free Things to Do in Nashville Year-Round


There are so many things to do in Nashville. On any given day there’s a top-name music act playing, a festival of some sort and a plethora of family-friendly activities going on around the city. It’s hard to keep up, and it’s easy to spent too much money. Thankfully, there are so many fun free things to … Read more

New Blog: 20 Minute Lunch by Jeff Davis

My husband is blogging! 20MinuteLunch.com

For the past 14 years, I’ve heard amazing stories — some heartbreaking, some completely inspiring — from my husband, Jeff Davis, an educator. I’ve been nudging him for a while to begin sharing what he’s learned, but he’s been hesitant. He doesn’t consider himself an expert, but I know his insight and experience would be valuable … Read more