Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot

Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot

“This is the best bridal bargain book I have read.” -Catherine, Wichita, KS

Plan a wedding in less than six months for no more than $5,000. This ultimate guide for the engaged busts myths, shares negotiating tactics and points out easy, no-effort ways to save on invitations, flowers, pictures and entertainment without sacrificing quality. Most importantly, it deals with the underlying issue of good stewardship that you as a young couple can develop at the outset and continue throughout your marriage.

Each area of wedding planning (dress, invitations, decoration, ceremony, reception & photography) is broken into different scenarios to give you options (bargain=$, budget=$$, bling=$$$).

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“This book’s checklists and budget sheets were extremely useful.” -Lori Ann

Cheap Ways to Tie The Knot is a FAR better overall planner than Bridal Bargains and more up-to-date (stylewise) than How To Have A Big Wedding On A Small Budget.” -Meredith P.


By Mary Hunt,

  • What Planning a Wedding Is Really Like
  • How We Got Here (The Wedding of the Century)
  • Going to the Chapel (What to Expect from a Church Wedding)
  • Create Your Day Your Way (Learning to Express Your Personality and Still Make Your Mother Happy)
  • Getting a Game Plan (Planning Your Day, Play by Play)
  • Don’t Have It? Create It Your Way (Ways to Make and Save Money Before the Big Day)
  • Budget Breakdown (Helping Your Dollars Make Sense)
  • Staying Stationery (An Invitation to Save)
  • Dress to Impress (Hot Threads for You and Your Bridal Party)
  • Pictures Worth a Thousand Words (Not Dollars)
  • Blooms on a Budget (Frugal Flowers for Bouquets and Arrangements)
  • Setting the Scene (A Serene Ceremony Where Less Is More)
  • Food, Drink, and Aunt Martha’s Dancing (Receptions Where Celebrating Is the Focus, 
Not Expensive Centerpieces)
  • A Honeymoon to Remember (Not Regret When the AmEx Comes Due)
  • You Can Take It with You (Spending Wisely as a Lifestyle, Not an Event)

“Davis’s well-researched book delivers on all counts…I can’t think of any newly engaged couple who couldn’t appreciate and make great use of this book!”

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